Imagine you’ve been spending hundreds of thousands on a recruitment process or on marketing your brand to the right industry people.

Then imagine you didn’t have to.

This is what Foo Café is all about.

Our environment is a relaxed and genuine space. When you display your brand at Foo Café our attendees learn more about you and your company. It works like an alternative to traditional recruitment or branding methods.

With over 20 000 registered attendees in our network, and over 2048 events made, our partners know we make an impact and an important difference for them.

As a Foo Café partner you access a whole new arena.

What we can guarantee is that you’re always visible to the target group you’re struggling so hard to meet. We have the knowledge to ensure each event is a success.

Contact us for quotas on becoming a partner to Foo Café and we’ll tailor make a solution that meets your requirements.

At Verisure we are pleased to be partners as we see both our talents and our brand grow alongside with Foo Café.

Mette Schäfer, Verisure

Due to Foo Café, Malmö has become the new tech centre of our region.

Jonas Hansson, CIO, Axis Communications