Our Manifesto

Our Manifesto is a summary of what we stand for. It’s a statement to communicate to people working at a Foo Café and for attendees and our partners.


One Location

  • To build a Meetspace we need to be in one location.
  • It will be a place of spontaneous attendance, people know where all the good stuff is happening.
  • New experience crossovers will be created when different interest groups meets on parallel events.
  • The website presentation should reflect a real-life experience.
  • All events published on the web site should take place on that one location.


Everybody matters

You can learn from everyone, we all have different experiences we can share and teach.

  • You can’t tell by looking who has the solution to your current problem.
  • Share your experience. If you have discovered or done some thing useful, cool, interesting or awesome there are always people that can learn from you.


Everybody is welcome

  • No membership.
  • Most events are free to attend.
  • Most events are on non-office hours.
  • Use a language that attracts most people.
  • Our staff will ease attendance for people with special needs.


Be open and honest

  • There are no wrong questions.
  • Knowing what you don’t know is the first step to deeper knowledge.
  • Bear in mind that a question could have many answers, when viewed from different angles.