Partner with Foo Café and drive our industry forward.

Foo Café’s events are free for everyone to attend. But they’re not free to organize. We exist through our partners who sponsor our activities. Of course, our partners see our value. But they also see the added value they get from sponsoring Foo café. 

When you sponsor us you get:

  • Access to a complete pool of software and hardware talent – individuals who value their own development, so they give up their time after work to gain greater insights and skills in the areas where they work.
  • The chance to work with like-minded companies to drive issues like software/hardware/AI/IoT and so many others.
  • A forum where you or your co-workers can give your views/share your expertise on a particular topic, giving you the opportunity to build thought leadership, and ultimately your brand.
  • A complete package of help and materials to put on an event, including a venue, refreshments, marketing, and support in everything, from finding the right speakers to adding the required effects. 
  • Join or start your own user group in any field that enhances the development of people in general and your own people in particular.


Contact us for more information.

Michael Tiberg
+46 (0) 70 146 92 54