Wednesday, August 28:
CloudBurst Malmö

For the first time the CloudBurst conference comes to Malmö!

CloudBurst is a one-track Azure Cloud focused conference that brings some of the best and most experienced speakers to you! For many years this small, free to attend, community conference has been wildly popular in Stockholm. Now, for the first time, because one of the organizers is from Malmö, CloudBurst comes to Malmö! Local community is the Skåne Azure User Group and naturally we run our events @ Foo Café!

At this conference you will hear what is top of mind for some of the most die-hard Azure focused experts in the Cloud Computing Industry. The stories they tell are always well worth listening to! Are you a Cloud Developer? Does your company have plans to, or are already in the Cloud? THIS is the definitive event for you! One day, one track, all up Azure! Welcome!


Mark Brown – Principal Program Manager, Microsoft Cosmos DB

Session: How to build mission critical, globally distributed applications with Azure Cosmos DB

Karl Ots – Chief Consulting Officer & Azure MVP at Zure

Session: Best practices of securing web applications running on Azure Kubernetes Service

Adi Polak @adipolak – Cloud Developer Advocate, Microsoft

Session: From desktop to the web with the cloud – cutting costs with Virtual Kublet and ACI

Steef-Jan Wiggers – Azure Technology Consultant Codit

Session: The way of the exploding workflow – Become an Expert in an hour

Maarten Balliauw – Developer Advocate at JetBrains

Session: Indexing and searching with Azure Functions and Search

Rik Hepworth – Azure MVP & and IT Director at Black Marble

Session: Governance: The forgotten key to managing Cloud