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War is raging in Ukraine and has already reached large parts of the country. Thousands of civilians are on the run, trying to get to safety in our countries. 

We want to bring jobseekers and employers together to support the integration into our labor markets and to bring back financial security.

This platform aims to create a suitable environment in which this special group of jobseekers can meet employers who are happy to support. Jobseekers can present themselves and potential employers can offer numerous jobs in the IT sector. We facilitate the first uncomplicated contact and exchange. Of course, the job exchange is free of charge for the applicants. 

If you think one of the applicants below has the skills and experience you are looking for, then we help you contact them via Job Board.
Simply click on an ad, fill in the form and your email will be sent to the applicant via us. 
The applicant remains anonymous to protect their data integrity until they decide to reply to your email. 
We guarantee that the applicant receives your email. We cannot guarantee that the applicant will answer your mail.

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Developer, Front-End

Team player
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1+ yr. work experience
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