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2600 meeting in March

Learn fuzzing and antivirus evasion techniques

An opportunity to meet and chat with like-minded folks who are passionate about cyber security. In this session, you could learn the basics of bypassing antivirus software and the ways to find a security vulnerability by using fuzzers.

**This event will also be live streamed on YouTube, so anyone can watch it here without signup:


Sergei Zaiats - a penetration tester, passionate about learning and spreading knowledge about ethical hacking.

Victor Flores - a self-taught penetration tester/red teamer wanna be, passionate about free and open software as well as security.


17.00-17.15 – Meet & Greet
17.15-18.00 – Hunting for security vulnerabilities with basic fuzzing
18.00-18.30 – Meet & Eat
18.30-19.00 – Introduction to antivirus bypasses
19.00-20.00 – Q&A

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