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Tack Tech Ukraina

Internship in Swedish companies - How to search, how it goes and what to expect?

Want to learn more about internships in Swedish companies?

Join our meetup to learn more about how to search for it, how it works, how it is going at the moment and what to expect as an intern.


Tack Tech Ukraina is a community for established and non established Ukrainians in Sweden. The mission of Tack Tech is to bring Ukrianians from the IT sector together to share knowledge, experiences and ideas and act as a platform for networking and introductions towards the Swedish tech community.

Tack Tech also focuses on specific topics that might create obstacles for newly arrived Ukrainians in Sweden with the purpose of finding solutions to these challenges. Tack Tech organizes meetups and forums for all its members and are also open for non members to participate.


Margareta Kowalska and Despina Stamkou - SmartCoding Co-founders.  SmartCoding, offers programming courses for women of different ages who desire to become developers. With support from companies located in Stockholm, such as Fintech Unicorn Klarna, Nordea Bank and gaming company MRG Gametek, SmartCoding offers evening courses for women based on ‘ultra learning’ teaching methods.


18:00 - Meet and Greet
18:15 - Presentations
19:00 - 20:00 - Summary / Q&A / Discussion / Networking

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