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Azure Skåne User Group

Going for a ride with the Azure Service Bus

Azure Skåne is excited to "Go for a ride with the Azure Service Bus"!

Azure Service Bus is a great tool to implement message-based communication workflows.
In this session, we will go through its capabilities and compare it with other solutions such as Event Hub and Event Grid.
We will see how we can implement First-In-First-Out functionality, how to schedule message deliveries, and how messages that could not be processed are treated.

We will even present some use cases where Azure Service Bus is the winning factor and how well-integrated ASB is with other Azure components.
Last but not least, we will go through a few insights and tips to make the best of it for future projects.

**This event will be live-streamed on YouTube, so anyone can watch it here:


Nikos Delis - Senior Cloud Engineer & Cloud Evangelist @Helo Microsoft Certified x6, Senior Cloud Architect and tech enthusiast. Passionate about software architecture and solution design. Holding Azure and .NET close to my heart doesn't stop me from being technically fearless!


17.15 - 17.30: Meet and greet (offline)
17.30 - 17.40: Welcome and intro
17.40 - 18.40: Presentation (Nikos Delis)
18.40 - 19.10: Meet & Eat
19.10 - 19.30: Mingle + Q&A (offline)

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