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Skåne Azure User Group

Global AI Bootcamp 2019

Welcome to the Global AI Bootcamp 2019, hosted by Skåne Azure User Group!
This year’s edition will continue on the success we had last year.

Sessions, showcases, hands on labs, lunch and more.
Even a live robot (Pepper) will be there interacting with you, using Azure cognitive services.

Learn from real life use cases, engage in the Hands on Labs and leave the Bootcamp with refreshed skills and deeper insights to future technology.


Session Details:

*ML and Azure Cognitive services applied
In this talk Peter will tell the story about how he applied machine learning to enhance the user experience of data entry and search using natural language processing and face recognition in one of the spare time projects, a large crowd sourced wiki. The results of those enhancements exceeded his wildest expectations.
*Follow up with lab 1 and/or 5

*AI-Robot with a mission to reduce stress for children during cancer treatment
In an innovation project at Karolinska University Hospital an AI-Robot, leveraging gamification and VR, is being developed. Why, how and with what tools this is done will be presented in this session.
How the AI for Pepper is built will be explained and you get the chance to experience the result along with insights how to get started yourself.
*Follow up with lab 1

*Solving 3 business problems with ML.NET in 45 minutes
ML.NET is a very approachable framework for working with Machine Learning in .net space. If you’re .net developer it’s an easy way to add some superpowers to your code.
In this presentation, I’ll show how you can easily solve 3 problems in retail, closely based on a real case I’ve worked on this year
*Follow up with lab 4

Hands on Labs Details:
1 – Custom Vision AI
Creating applications that can see, hear, speak or understand – using Microsoft Cognitive Services

2 – Visual Interface for Azure Machine Learning Service
Predict Wine Quality

3 – Visual Interface for Automated ML
Predict Wine Quality

4 – ML.Net
Series of tutorials that will teach you how to use ML.NET in your .NET core applications

5 – Azure Machine Learning Service
Use Azure Machine Learning Service and Azure Notebooks to create a MNIST model and run in in a container in Azure

6 – Cloud Scale Machine Learning
Get up to speed on the rudiments of modern machine learning at cloud scale.

7 – Create a simpsons classifier with Azure Machine learning Service

A big welcome!
Skåne Azure User Group


Michał Łusiak - Michał is software developer from Poland, currently living in Sweden. On the daily job, he works mostly with backend for web and mobile applications. He has worked with many programming stacks but currently focuses mostly on .NET. Big fan of functional languages. Recently interested in machine learning and data science. Aviation geek, skier and wheels of fury.

Mattias Jönsson - With a long background in analytics and machine learning, and has worked for companies like IBM, TIBCO and Microsoft. At MS, he was a Global Black Belt for AI in Western Europe, focusing specifically on Azure services.

Peter Heiberg - Peter is a seasoned software developer with a passion for sharing knowledge. He has been working as a consultant at tretton37 the last 9 years. Peter has spent the last 20 years developing line of business applications in the day and coding for fun on his spare time in various projects


10.00 – 10.15 Introduction

10.15 – 11.00 Session 1

11.00 – 11.15 Paus

11.15 – 12.00 Session 2 (with Pepper)

12.00 – 13.00 Lunch

13.00 – 13.45 Session 3

13.45- 14.00 Paus

14.00 – 16.00 Hands on Labs

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