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Continuous Delivery Patterns

JavaForum presents two talks this evening:

Continuous Delivery Patterns
When building modern service-based software products using continuous delivery, teams need to take a significantly different approach from how we previously did stuff.
In this talk I’m examining some of the patterns I’ve seen, to unlock quick and iterative product development styles, delivering value to the customer as soon as possible without breaking clients’ compatibility.

25 years of the JCP Program

Can you believe that the JCP has turned 25 years old this year? That is a quarter of a century! Some of you may not have been born when the JCP was created in 1998.
We are able to celebrate this incredible milestone because of your passion, your love, your engagement, and your support for the Java language and community. We sincerely thank all of you for making it happen!

We want to make this a special year for the JCP and the Java community. And, of course, there will be swag!


Thomas Lundström - is an Engineering Manager at Sinch, based in Malmö, Sweden. With 20 years of experience in the Software Engineering realm, from startups up to multinational tech companies, he currently deals more with recruitment, architecture, and team-based performance than actual code :( but he finds JavaForum and Foo Cafe the perfect place to keep his hacking skills up-to-date.

Ivar Grimstad - is the Jakarta EE Developer Advocate at Eclipse Foundation. He is a Java Champion and JUG Leader based in Sweden. Besides advocating the Jakarta EE technologies, Ivar is contributing to the Jakarta EE specifications as well as being the PMC Lead for Eclipse Enterprise for Java (EE4J). He is also one of the specification leads for Jakarta MVC and represents Eclipse Foundation in the JCP Executive Committee. Ivar is also involved in MicroProfile, Apache NetBeans, and a wide range of other open-source projects and communities. He is a frequent speaker at International developer conferences.


17:15 - 17:30 Meet & Greet
17:30 - 18:15 Continuous Delivery Patterns
18:15 - 18:45 Meet & Eat
18:45 - 19:15 25 years of the JCP Program
19:15 - 20:00 Q&A

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