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9th Anniversary

  • Seminar

We are celebrating our 9th Anniversary.

Foo Café started 2012 and our birthday is August 27, this year on a Friday (perfect).

Guest talk by Linus Kvarnhammar ....

War Stories From 10 Years of Penetration Testing

Linus will take a trip down memory lane and tell some of the most memorable war stories from the 10 years he has been doing penetration testing. We will hear about how things can go horribly wrong, quite easily. Hopefully there will also be things to learn from these stories.

You are welcome to celebrate with us.

This event will be onsite only.


Linus Kvarnhammar - Linus is an independent security consultant and ethical hacker that focuses on the offensive part of cyber security. He has more than 20 years of experience working in the IT industry where the last 10 years have been spent exclusively doing penetration tests of applications and networks with a few social engineering assignments every now and then.


16.00 – Meet & Greet
16.30 – Introduction by Michael Tiberg
16.45 – War Stories by Linus Kvarnhammar
17.30 – Party with something to eat and drink (we will end when everybody has left)

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