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Housewarming Party

8th Anniversary

  • Seminar

We are celebrating our 8th Anniversary in a new venue.

There will be a limit of 40 seats (but that can change due to the Corona virus pandemic).

This will also be live streamed on

Our guest speaker is Jimmy Nilsson at this special event, he will give a 30 minutes talk about  ...

How to become valuable for the business of your company
Maybe you are a player in a development team that masters software architecture and design and can over and over again really solve the software problems in the “right” way. But it’s rarely happening for you and your team to get into quality discussions with the C-level people and those who decide on what are the right problems to solve. Do you recognize this situation?

I have during the last 30 years learned a few tools the hard and slow way for how to change this, and I would love to share one of those tools that in many situations have proven to be a superpower. The tool that I’m thinking about is the “Theory of Constraints” (TOC). The one-line description of TOC is that by focusing on finding the global bottleneck for reaching the goal of your company and then putting all your effort there, you typically can gain at least 10 Euro for every single one you invest. Typically a factor of ten is an understatement, no matter how ambitious the target situation is.

Oh, and what might come as a positive surprise is that your solid background in software development is an enabler for benefiting quickly in that setting.

With this tool in your toolbox, you will be even more valuable to the business of your company!


17.30 – Meet & Greet
17.45 – Introduction by Michael Tiberg
18.00 – Jimmy Nilsson's presentation
18.30 – Break with something to eat and drink
19.00 – Q&A

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