Thursday 16 May 18:00

High Performance System Design Beyond Docker

Afterwork seminar


LEVEL: Advanced

The IT world is rarely static. Just as we started to get used to container-based microservice architectures, there is of course other new and exciting developments that one wants to keep track of.

A couple of technology leaps in 2019 opens up new possibilities for system design for distributed systems, much in the same way containers opened new design possibilities compared to virtual machines, by being a magnitude more lightweight.

An exciting question then becomes: What would happen if we were able to design systems with container-like blocks, but with a magnitude lower start time and overhead than Docker containers? As a system designer and architect you should probably start thinking about this, because such possibilities are not far away, and in some cases are already here.

I will talk about the technology leaps made in this area in 2019, what new design possibilities this enables, and take us through the intersection of microservices, serverless and edge computing.

Speaker: Martin Hellspong

Martin has been simplifying solutions to complex problems for almost two decades, but the last six years at factor10 increasingly turning to cloud, containers, microservices and actor systems in projects running over several years. He is passionate about functional programming and devops and the necessity to get outside your comfort zone in order to learn. Designated "Developer of the Year" in 2017, by swedish TechWorld/IDG magazine.


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