Tuesday 23 Apr 18:00

Data Visualisation

DataViz Stockholm


LEVEL: Intermediate

For this upcoming meetup, we’ll be doing dataviz makeovers for #makeovermonday at Foo Cafe. Yes, we know, the meetup is actually on a Tuesday, but Monday is a red day, so it will be Monday in our hearts.

What is #makeovermonday?

#makeovermonday is where we take charts that have been published and remake them using the same data. It could be through design fixes to make the chart look better, finding a different story in the data and visualizing that, or even starting from scratch and remaking the entire chart. It’s up to you!

How will it work?


18.00 Introduction to MakeoverMonday
18.15 Create your makeovers
19.00 Break
19.15 Show off your results and get feedback from others
20.00 Head to a bar with fellow datavizers


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