Thursday 09 May 18:00

CANCELLED (A-)Typically queer

Lesbians Who Tech


LEVEL: Beginner

Unfortunately this event has been cancelled. We hope we can run it at a later date soon!

Let's talk about experiences of queer and neuroatypical humans in tech 

Members of the LGBTQ community are more likely to be affected by mental health issues, leading to a double burden navigating the professional world being queer and neuroatypical. To encourage those whose minds are atypical and help neurotypicals to be allies, let's meet and talk about it! Creativity and innovation can lead to great ways to bridge gaps and include diverse talent in the tech industry. Vi will tell us about their way! 

 Vi, will talk about her experience proving to the tech industry that people with diversabilities are creative masterminds, offering great potential to companies.

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