Thursday 28 Mar 18:00

Human Centric Artificial Intelligence

Afterwork seminar


LEVEL: Intermediate


 An interactive talk about what our roles as humans are when it comes to developing, operating and evolving new Artificial Intelligence systems. How can we ensure that our own biases are not inputted into the systems? How can we use Artificial Intelligence to augment our own intelligence in order to create better services in the future?

 Daniel Sjöström works as a creative technologist at Daresay, he has a broad knowledge base in many different fields within computer science. Everything from front end to back end development and UX research. During his Master thesis project at Umeå University he got to dig deeper into AI and Machine learning, his thesis was later acknowledged by SVT. Since then, Daniel has held many talks, presentations and workshops in the topic of AI. 

 Daniel Rönnlund is an experienced, visionary and social consultant at Daresay with expertise in the field of Service Design, UX Design and interaction design. He has a strong interest in exponential technologies like AI, and more specific how they can be designed and used to improve society by empowering individuals and organisations. 


 18:00 Arrive 

 18:15 Human Centric Artificial Intelligence presentation 

 19:00 Break with food and drink

 19:30 Q and A 


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