Thursday 07 Mar 18:00

Big Data Pipeline and Kubernetes

Knock Data


LEVEL: Intermediate

Big Data Analytics Pipeline on Google Cloud Platform by Yitong Liu

Abstract: This talk will give you an introduction about how to use different services on Google Cloud Platform to build big data and analytics/machine learning pipelines through real world experiences. It will cover services such as Pub/Sub, DataFlow, BigQuery and ML Engine etc. and how they can be used to simplify your big data infrastructure.

Yitong has been working with data analytics for last 6 years in various industries and is currently working as a senior consultant in data science. She is also a Google Cloud certified data engineer and believes that data engineering is the most fundamental part in a successful big data product.

Kubernetes Logging and Monitoring by Julien Bisconti

Abstract: This talk covers few patterns for architecting a monitoring and logging solution when building application on top of kubernetes. There will be a short introduction to kubernetes and containerised applications. We will then see why logging and monitoring in a cloud native environment differ from traditional virtualized environments.

Julien has been working as a software engineer for more than a decade with a liking for DevOps and site reliability engineering. He has worked on performance critical microservices at a global scale, he now focus mainly on DevOps and cloud native technology. He is a Google Developer Expert and is active in the Stockholm meetup community.


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