Tuesday 11 Dec 18:00

Mindfulness for Mobile app developers

Android Stockholm


LEVEL: Intermediate

Mindfulness for Mobile App Developers

How mindfulness can help reduce stress and stay focused with less effort. Mindfulness as a tool to create better mobile apps. Designing your app so that it reduces stress. Google's mindfulness program "Search Inside Yourself". How to reprogram yourself.

Speaker Mikael Kindborg

I am a mindfulness innovator. Having worked with software development for 35 years, coding in over 30 different programming languages, I am now finding out how to reprogram my mind. Last 10 years I have been working with Android and mobile app development. I have attended and presented at multiple GDG meetings. Having been greatly helped by mindfulness in recovering from Lyme disease, I now work on applying mindfulness techniques to software development and mobile apps. More info: http://kindborg.com/mikael.html


17:30 - Doors open – Meet & Greet

18:00 - Mindfulness for Mobile app developers

19:00 - Meet & Eat

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