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C++ Stockholm 0x0E



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The Icelander & Lightning talks

Welcome to C++ Stockholm 0x0E,

I am happy to announce our special guest Ólafur Waage.

Ólafur is the organizer of the Malmö C++ User Group. I am very happy that he visits us here in Stockholm.


18.00-18.15 – Meet & Greet

18.15-19.00 – Ólafur Waage: We are all C++ teachers

19.00-19.30 – Meet & Eat

19.30-20.15 – Lightning talks special

20.15- ……. – Q&A

The doors will be open from 17:30.

The program in detail:


*Ólafur Waage: We are all C++ teachers

Explaining an idea is hard. This difficulty grows exponentially the more people you need to talk to. This talk will focus on my journey in learning C++ and then teaching it to others. Touching on things like being a student at University, opening my Twitter DM's to the world, showing common pitfalls in the language and how we can approach others when we want to explain a complex subject.

Ólafur Waage, a native Icelander that has lived in Sweden for the past 4 years. A Senior Programmer at Ubisoft Massive on the Uplay PC Backend Team. Before he was a Developer in the Air Traffic Control industry. Lover of games, music and puzzles.


* *Lightning talks:* *

As an appetizer for our lightning talk raffle we will have some lightning talks.

(Order of the talks might change)

-Arvid Norberg : The C++ abstract machine

-Björn Fahller: My favorite memory leak

-Fadi Bitar: Developer Experience (DX): Extending UX principles to developers

-Harald Achitz: Some fun with the , operator

* *Lightning talk raffle:* *

This is an idea we copy from Core C++, the C++ User group of Mevasserat Ziyyon.

Thanks to Adi Shavit for sharing this idea with us and sending us 10 fortune cookies.

Each cookie contains one of the following topics:

1. Horror Story / A Nasty Bug I Had

2. A Cool [Non-GoF] Design Pattern

3. What [I wish] My Mentors [Had] Told Me

4. Good/Bad Interview Questions

5. Book/Video Recommendations

6. A Cool/Interesting Algorithm

7. A Little Known C++ Feature (class enum, override, final, delegating ctors...)

8. Coding Style Guide: My [Company's] Recommendations

9. Debugging Tips

10. How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Embrace ____________

The idea is to find 10 volunteers. Each takes a fortune cookie and gets therefore one of the topics randomly assigned.

We than prepares the talks for a future meetup (October or November).

Note: Volunteers may change topics in between or use any other topic if the selected one does not fit.

It worked great in Mevasserat Ziyyon, so I think we should also be possible to do this in Stockholm!

This is also a great opportunity for every one who wants to give a talk but misses a topic.


Väl mött!

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