Thursday 31 May 18:00

IoT Stream Processing and Robot Collaboration

Knock Data


LEVEL: Intermediate - Advanced

Rubén Laguna is a data engineer at Teradata but also a polyglot software developer with 16 years experience working with complex distributed systems, embedded systems,  virtualization and cloud environments. He enjoys working and learning on anything related to  Data Engineering, Data Science or Functional Programming.

HongYi Liu is a PHD candidate at KTH, his research is focusing on human-robot collaboration, focus on cutting-edge research of human-robot collaboration by applying industrial 4.0 methodologies, advanced machine learning and deep learning algorithms, computer vision algorithms, and open-source robot control tools.

More information to come!


18:00 Arrive

18:15 First Talk, IoT Stream Processing with Apache Storm by Rubén Laguna @ Teradata

18:50 Break with food and drinks

19:20 Second Talk, Deep Learning for Human-Robot Collaboration by HongYi Liu @ KTH 

20:00 More drinks and a chance to ask questions


Tags big data

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