Tuesday 24 Apr 18:00

Privacy by Design 1

Afterwork seminar


In today’s society we share data willingly in networks and most people think that this is as natural as breathing, but how do we create borders between the data we want to share and data we want to keep private? Privacy by Design is concept that puts protection of integrity in the center. 

But how do we incorporate integrity and the protection of privacy in to apps, systems and organizations? We will focus on solutions for both the small and the big problems that may occur on the way when creating privacy centered apps and solutions.

Anders Jonson form Secure Appbox will be discussing the topic. He has 30 years’ experience from the software industry and companies like Netscape, Nokia and Nocom. 


18:00 Arrive

18:15 Presentation begins 

18:45 Break with food and drink

19:15 Presentation continues

19:45 Q and A plus more drinks



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