Thursday 26 Apr 18:00

Consortium Databases

Decentralized Camp


Consortium Databases, a new paradigm for private and public blockchain

In 2012 ChromaWays CTO Alex Mizrahi created the first way for users to issue tokens on a blockchain, the very first working colored-coins code. After some time of working with project for banks and governments they discovered that blockchain is about data sharing, and the best way to work with data are relational database. This year ChromaWay will release both a private blockchain based on this idea, PostChain, as well as a brand new public blockchain intended for advanced dApps that has so far been impossible to implement with current blockchains. Henrik Hjelte is the CEO of ChromaWay, but also with a background as a coder since the 80:s


18:00 Arrive

18:15 Alex Mizrahi's presentation

19:00 Break with food and drink

19:30 Q and A 


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