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Coder Dojo

CoderDojo Stockholm


Coder Dojo has arrived at Foo Café! In addition to the regular Saturday Dojo, hosted at other venues, there will now be a regular Wednesday afternoon session. Most of the sessions are held in Swedish, however all are welcome. A range of programs are used, such as ScratchC#, other mathematics and game programming. You're also welcome to work on your own project. 

What is CoderDojo?

Are you between 7-17 years old? Then you are invited to experience programming with us! There will be a number of mentors ready to help you get started in the world of IT, or perhaps help you continue with something that you’re already working on.

If you’ve never programmed before, CoderDojo is the perfect place to start. We help you get started and make sure that you’re challenged.

Don’t forget

If you have a computer available, please bring it. Second best is a tablet with an internet browser. That will give you the most from the Dojo. We always have extra computers, but not that many.


If you're an adult wanting to get involved, we'd love for you to join to mentor team! Tech skills aren't a necessity, only enthusiasm and a willingness to learn. Get in contact with for more information.


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