Thursday 19 Apr 18:00

Machine Learning Trends and Model Tracking

Knock Data


Machine Learning Introduction and Trends

This talk will share:

- a general view of machine learning and data mining. 

- six top algorithms in machine leanring including association rules, clustering, classification and neural network

- the technical trends

Wen Zhou Ph. D has more than 11 years of experience asa. researcher and engineer in computer science. She has worked on large-scale research and application projects and led teams of researchers. She has developed applied alcorithms, methods, tools and software platforms within Machine Learning, Text Mining, Graphic Mining (Compex Networks) and Social Network Analysis. 

Deep Learning Models Tracking and Analytics

This talk will share:

- the importance of tracking models during machine learning and hyper parameter tuning

- a way to track models and share it 

- ways to do analytics on deep learning 

Rockie Yang ia a data enthusiast. He is passionate to build flexible and yet simple end to end big data pipeline which can flawlessly transform business requirements to realization. 


18:00 Arrive

18:15 First Talk, Machine learning introduction and trends by Dr. Wen Zhou

18:50 Break with food and drinks

19:20 Second Talk, Deep learning Models Tracking and Analytics by Rockie Yang @ Think Big Analytics

20:00 More drinks and a chance to ask questions

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