Tuesday 17 Apr 18:00

PHP Stockholm

PHP Stockholm


There has been lots of talk about how great Symfony and Laravel is, but there is one framework that rarely gets mentioned: Yii framework. This meetup we will get introduced to Yii framework to see if it is as great as it claims to be. We will also explore DNS and dynamic programming.

Yii Framework (by Oleg)

Rundown about Yii framework. A high performance, component-based framework for rapidly developing modern Web applications.

DNS - Use and Abuse (by Yassin)

DNS can do so much more than link a FQDN to its respective IP address! This talk is going to give an introduction to regular as well as "not-so-regular" usages of the Domain Name System

We are going to look into

- basic usage and common host record types

- a bunch of awesome, lesser-known features

- DNS authenticity

- DNS confidentiality

- and finally: a proof-of-concept demo of how to entirely abuse one of the DNS features

Dynamic Programming - 101 (by Tobias)

Whenever you are faced with a problem it is normal to try to find a generic solution and then you implement that solution in code. But some problems might be too complex to solve by humans (and even engineers). Imagine you are a traveling salesman, about to visit 10 cities in Europe. You can visit them in any order. What’s the cheapest route? To find this out, we could use dynamic programming to let the computer solve the problem for us and just give us a result.

This is a theoretical talk that will introduce many algorithms in order to solve complex problems.


17:30 Doors open

18:10 Yii framework - Oleg

18:40 DNS - Use and Abuse - Yassin

19:00 Break with food and drink

19:20 Dynamic programming 101 - Tobias

20:00 We go to a bar close by

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