Wednesday 28 Mar 18:00

Block Wars Live DApp Beta Test

Decentralized Camp


Block Wars was born after the Decentralized Camp hackathon in Nov 2017. It was demonstrated to the public on a Decentralized Camp Meetup 18th of January. After 3-4 months coding, it's now time to let the public try the game live for the first time and give feedback to the Block Wars team.

Block Wars is a decentralized map-based game which will be deployed on the Ethereum Blockchain mainnet in April. Bring your computer and be the first to try Block Wars. We will guide you how to:

1. Install Metamask

2. Create your own Ethereum Wallet

3. Get free Ether from testnet

4. Interact with a Decentralized Application deployed on the Ethereum blockchain.


18:00 -  Arrive with drinks
18:15 -  Thomas and Jonas Community News
18:30 -  Block Wars beta test part 1 
19:30 -  Break with food and drink
20:00 -  Block Wars live beta test part 2 
20:30 -  Break plus blockchain centre discussion

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