Friday 16 Mar 18:00

Ada_CONF Volunteers Meetup



It's Ada_Conf 1 eve and we're going to celebrate by getting together the volunteers who are going to help make it happen! 

Ada_Conf is just like any tech conference, but without cis men. The content is interesting, challenging and conversation provoking. It's also a welcoming environment for everyone who attends. You can read some more information about the event here

To make it a success we need a small but enthusiastic crew of volunteers. If you'd like to help out on the day by welcoming guests, handing out merchandise, arranging AV for speakers, come along for a very relaxed Friday evening. 

As always food and drink will be provided. We're looking forward to meeting you! 


18:00 Arrive

18:15 Explanation of how the day will work

18:45 Break with food and drink

19:15 Questions 


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