Tuesday 20 Mar 18:00

Intro to Stacks, Queues and Lists

Wonder Dojo


LEVEL: Intermediate

The Wonder Dojo is for anyone who identifies as a woman or nonbinary people that concentrates on training with small code problems. Why is this good you might ask? Great question, usually, that helps with interviewing, practicing different programming languages and splitting problems into smaller problems! Not to mention you will meet nice people.

We will cover a nugget of theory at each meeting to get better and then practice together. If you miss any meeting it does not matter since the workshops are independent of each other.

The topic for this time is the basics of Stacks, Queues and Lists and fun facts around those. We will have some hands on practice and you can ask all the questions you may have. 

Join us and we will have a fun evening of practice together! 


18.00 Arrive
18.15 Introduction
18.30 Hands-on Workshop
19.00 Break with snacks and drinks
19.30 Practice time
21.00 End of event


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