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LEVEL: Beginner

Coder Dojo comes to Foo Café Stockholm!

From the 31st of January, Coder Dojo will be holding a weekly programming club for children/adolescents. To make this possible, we're looking for new mentors to help welcome the students into the wonderful world of IT. If you are enthusiastic, willing to teach but most importantly willing to learn, then you are the perfect mentor.

We welcome you to a short information session, where you can meet other mentors and ask all the questions you need.  Attending this session doesn't mean commitment, it's an opportunity to meet the community and gather the information you need to decide whether mentorship is something you would like to add to your 2018. 

If you would like to know a little more about Coder Dojo before you arrive, you can read about it here:

As always, food and drinks will be provided. 


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