Monday 18 Dec 18:00

Kotlin x 2

Android Stockholm


LEVEL: Intermediate

Two of the hardest thing with writing Android applications are testing and asynchronous operations. This is why we decided to do two Kotlin talks on each of these topics. Bob will go through the tips'n'tricks regarding testing with Kotlin on Android and Erik will show how to use Kotlin coroutines to make your asynchronous operations easier. You should expect lots of code samples and we expect many good questions!


Bob Dahlberg works as an Android developer and Team leader at Isotop in Stockholm. He is an early adopter of Kotlin and has previously given introduction talks about Kotlin at the Stockholm Android Meetup. 
Erik Hellman has been developing for Android since it's earliest versions and is currently working as a freelance developer in Stockholm. He can often be found at meetups and conferences talking about best practices and how to deal with tricky topics in mobile development. 


18:00-18:!5 – Meet & Greet

18:15-19:00 – Presentation part 1

19:00-19:30 – Break with something to eat

19:30-20:15 – Presentation part 2

20:15-20:30 – Q&A

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