Wednesday 25 Oct 17:30

Women in IT - the Who, What and How

Smart Coding


LEVEL: Beginner

Foocafé is not hosting this event, but we are supportive of what Smart Coding is doing and the initiative they are showing by creating the group. We look forward to further collaboration with them in the future. 

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Empowering women in IT

SmartCoding is an initiative started by three women with a passion for programming languages. Our vision is to resolve the education gap and increase the proportion of women in IT by providing hands-on learning coding courses and linking graduates with the job market. The pilot program starts in January 2018.

Let's meet at our first "who, what & how" event in Stockholm! The whole team will be present so that you have a chance to challenge us with questions and ideas. We will also talk about possibilities of contributing to the SmartCoding initiative.

Support us in filling the gap in IT! We know how to do it!

The SmartCoding Team


This event is dedicated to partners, sponsors, and networkers. We kindly invite all of you representing enterprises, startups, and academia.

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