Wednesday 22 Nov 18:00

How Does Innovation Support Transformation?

Digital Transformation


LEVEL: Beginner

Innovation is the talk of the town. But what does innovation actually mean and how does it work in practice? We define Innovation as the practice to improve corporate capabilities through the realization of ideas. But the problem is not to get employees to contribute with ideas but rather to understand how to prioritize. This Meet-Up session will focus on innovation – the theory and practice.


18:00 Introduction to Meet-Up Event

18:10 Introduction to Innovation (theory)

18:45 – 19:15 Pizza and Drinks

19:15 Innovation in Practice + Q&A

20:00 Drinks Continue!!

Hans Gillior will share his experience and thoughts about Innovation in the Meet-Up session. It will be a session going into the depth of innovation and start from its definition, focus and way of working. Innovation is the back-bone of digital transformation to boost competitiveness - but require the right mindset, culture and leadership. This is a Meet-Up event and please sign-up to Digital Transformation Stockholm before the meeting:


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