Tuesday 24 Oct 17:00

The Future of Work - A conversation among minds

Agile People


LEVEL: Beginner

This event is a collaboration between the Agile People Sweden Conference 2017 and the Stockholm Engineering Leadership meetup. 

Join us in thought provoking, inspirational and deep conversations among the thought leaders and key-note speakers at the Agile People Conference: Bonnitta Roy (Open-Particiaptory-Organizations), James Priest (Sociocracy 3.0), Joshua Vial and Susan Basterfield (Enspiral). 

Also joining us this evening is Doug Kirkpatrick from Morning Star (http://www.self-managementinstitute.org/about/people/3) and author of Beyond Empowerment - The age of self-managed Organization. 

Inspired by the TV-show Nobel Minds, our “noble minds” will interact in a dialog and conversation about what's possible in the Future of Work. 

This is a FREE "after Agile People Sweden Conference 2017" session in collaboration with the Agile People Conference. 

Read more about the event here 



Hosted at Teaterskeppet Skeppsbrokajen 104, Stockholm

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