Thursday 30 Mar 17:30

Content Strategy and SEO for WordPress

Wordpress Stockholm


LEVEL: Intermediate

Welcome to an evening of SEO and content strategy! We will have two talks and an area for people to mingle.

Technical SEO for WordPress a.k.a stop wasting time on Yoast

Do you already have great content and want search engines to value it higher? How do you make sure Google knows about all your products in WooCommerce? How do you correctly configure sitemap.xml and robots.txt with WordPress? What are OpenGraph and, and how do they help your site get more visitors?


Otto Kekäläinen

WordPress core contributor, author of multiple plugins and full stack developer Otto Kekäläinen from explains everything a WordPress site owner needs to know about technical SEO so that their content can shine. And yes, the first advice is to get rid of Yoast and move on to the next level.

Finding a competitive advantage in search

This talk will mix deal with content marketing and competitive analysis. Make your content stand out and improve your ranking!


Ryan O'Leary

Open spot


Warm welcome to our eight meetup in Stockholm! This meetup will be held in the new Foo Café venue.

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