Wednesday 28 Sep 17:30

Team Development for a Complex World

After Work Seminar


LEVEL: Intermediate

Organisations need well-working teams. This calls for a lot of factors to work. Meanwhile, neurologists find out more and more about how our brain works and research on teams, both in organizations like Google and Universities like Stanford and MIT share research on what Highperforming teams do.

To become successful both the team and the organization supporting it need to fulfill a number of factors:

Provide a socially safe environment where listening, perspectives and diversity are welcomed to ensure creativity.

Master diversity and create an environment and set team standards where different kinds of talent may flourish, be acknowledged and stored in our collective memories.

Welcome to an evening where we showcase a few of the ways we develop teams at the workspace. This is part of the success – we do the work at work! Be ready to be on your feet!


Bengt Öhman has more than 30 years of experience with business development, using state of the art and disrupting technology in a wide range of industries.

Something Bengt has identified more recently is a growing demand to appreciate and nourish exceptional talents, even those with a challenging behaviour or special needs. A lot of top talent goes to waste because of an inability to conform to standard rules and norms. Those who manage to accommodate and nourish such individuals can gain a competitive edge by tapping into a whole new talent pool.

Bengt has therefore developed, and lectures on, a concept to help companies and sports clubs improve their practice and other activities to be more inclusive and develop especially gifted talents.

Johan Lange

Originally in telecoms and multinational management Johan now supports organisations in development on executive, team and startup levels. Released the LUCK Book in 2011.

Strong believer in the future of teams.


17.30 Doors open!

17.45 Diagnostics – finding patterns of thinking, behavior and …

18.15 Teams and Groups what’s separating them?

18.30 Lighter food and time to mingle and marinate our insights

19.00 Individual memories may become collective - let’s make use of them!

19.15 We’ll share some of past and on-going projects and effects

19.30 End of program – let’s marinate and create even more – until 20.00


This event takes place at

Foo Café Stockholm

Internetstiftelsen i Sverige (IIS)

Ringvägen 100

Building A1, 9th floor

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