Tuesday 30 Aug 17:30

The Education of a Lifetime

Lean Opening Stockholm


LEVEL: Intermediate


Join us in celebrating the Lean Opening of the Stockholm Foo Café. It will be a great evening with surprises and a special guest speaker, Steven Baker.

Steven is a programmer, an international conference speaker, founder of RSpec, and much, much more. He will give a talk about:

The Education of a Lifetime

The dramatic change in the availability of information over the past half century has radically changed the way we learn and share - and considerably lowered the cost of learning. We no longer have to sit in a classroom, pay huge sums of money, or travel long distances to learn.

This low-cost, low-barriers access to information changes everything about education. If we learn to leverage it, we can change learning from an early activity to a life-long activity.

We'll discuss the history of education, different methods of teaching and learning, and how technology and improved access to information enables life-long learning. You'll learn about the tools and resources that can help you get the education of a lifetime.

Come and enjoy the famous Foo Café, which as usual, includes beer, food, and great company.

Lean Opening agenda

17.30 - Meet and Greet (beer and snacks)

18.00 - Welcome - This is Foo Café

18.20 - The Education of a Lifetime, Steven Baker

19.00 - More beer and snacks

We look forward to seeing you!


This event takes place at Internetstiftelsen i Sverige (IIS), Ringvägen 100, Stockholm

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