Sunday 05 May 11.00

FooCoding: Women

FooCoding: Newcomers


LEVEL: Beginner

This is an introduction to FooCoding: for Female Newcomers - How to become a web developer and what does it mean to create a website.

You will meet former female students at HackYourFuture and our female mentors will show you how to make a simple webpage. 

So bring your laptop, if don't have a laptop (don't worry, you can borrow one from us).


11.00 – Meet & Greet

11:10 – Introduction by Baraa Hatem, Project Manager FooCoding:

11:15 – A personal story from one of our graduated female students

11:30 – Build your own webpage together with one of our female mentors

12.30 – Lunch

13.00 – Learn about Databases

14.20 – Break

14.30 – How to apply to FooCoding:

15.00 – Q&A

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