Tuesday 09 Apr 17.30

Azure Community Heroes visits Skåne Azure Group

Skåne Azure User Group


LEVEL: Intermediate

Skåne Azure Usergroup is humbled to be able to invite you to a truly uniqe opportunity.

This cannot be missed if you are working with Azure in any sense!

We are visited by several outstanding Azure Community profiles.

These speakers are in the region because of the Intelligent Cloud Conference (https://intelligentcloud.dk/) taking place in Copenhagen on April 9-10 (preconference workshops on April 8). Regardless if you attend this meetup we would encourage you to check-out the conference and use this Discount code: azugskaane to get 10% discount on attendance

• Thomas Maurer - Senior Cloud advocate from Microsoft (MVP)

○ https://twitter.com/ThomasMaurer

○ https://www.thomasmaurer.ch/

• Stefan Johner - Microsoft Azure MVP

○ https://twitter.com/JohnerStefan

○ https://blog.jhnr.ch/

• Eric Berg - Azure and Cloud Datacenter Management MVP

○ https://twitter.com/ericberg_de

○ https://ericberg.de/

• Henk Boelman - Microsoft AI MVP and co-creator of the Global AI/MR Bootcamp

○ https://twitter.com/hboelman

○ https://www.henkboelman.com/

• Tom Janetscheck - Microsoft Azure MVP

○ https://twitter.com/azureandbeyond

○ https://blog.azureandbeyond.com/

Some of the things we will be hearing about:

Azure Stack: How to build a true hybrid cloud experience based on experiences from early programs and how to offer services from Azure stack to customers

Azure Labs: Deliver test enviroments quickly, controlled and cost effective with Azure DevOps CI/CD

Azure Governance: Keep you Azure investments secure, under control and healthy in automated or manual way.

AI: DevOps for AI and also Global AI/MR Bootcamp.

Azure Security Center: Protect against attacks and keep you Azure secure

Preliminary Agenda

17:30 – Meet & Greet

17:45 - 18:45 – Presentations

18:45 – 19:15 – Meet & Eat

19:15 – 20.30 – Presentations

Take this opportunity to hear from these front figures in the industry and come with your questions during the breaks.

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