Wednesday 27 Mar 17.30

Requirements and Assumptions



LEVEL: Intermediate

Requirements and Assumptions: the psychology behind the boogeymen of agile

Like it or not, we all live agile lives in a devops world. A world populated by kanban boards, scrum masters, stand-ups, sit-downs and retrospectives. A world governed by smooth laissez-faire mantras and the soft soothing hum of buzzwords, where deliverable software reigns supreme with nothing but a trail of crumpled post-it notes left in its wake. But like everything with a manifesto, the written ideal appears logically sound and theoretically robust, but inadvertently glosses over and even exaggerates the human elements and shortcomings of the production process. In short, Agile hasn’t replaced the inefficient waterfall of yore; it has simply turned our projects into a sequential series of micro-waterfalls with all inefficiencies intact.

In this talk we will examine the skill and discipline of requirements, project assumptions and planning in relation to QA specifically and regarding the underlying psychology behind the shortcomings of humans when working in either long-term or short-term formats in general.

By the end of the talk, we will be better able to identify key points of needed clarity and better train our focus on essential efficiency-enabling aspects of project progress, quality and maintenance.

Speaker:  Peter Hauschulz

Peter is a semi-regular speaker for both SecuriTea, an informal user group based on cybersecurity education in Malmö, and HackYourFuture, an intensive re-training program for recent Swedish immigrants to enter the work force as full-stack developer

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Integrative Physiology, with a focus on influence of group perception, behavior and pathology. His work experiences include a wide range of oddities beyond computers, from shelving library books and military service to disaster relief and autopsy suite. Despite a total lack of formal training, he persists in playing guitar, drums and any other instrument he can shoe-horn into a metal band or any other musical project. He is currently employed by HumanIt and the primary test engineer for a small team in Axis Communications, Lund, Sweden.


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19.00 – Q&A

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