Thursday 28 Mar 17.30

Medarbetares syn på säkerhetspolicys



LEVEL: Beginners

Räcker det med teknisk skydd mot dataintrång? Hur fungerar vi som människor vid säkerhetsrutiner?

Miranda Kajtazi, Universitetslektor från Lunds Universitet, kommer till Dataföreningens Meetup på Foo Café och redogör för hennes forskningsresultat i detta spännande ämne.

Working with one of the most secure operations in the world, that of the banking industry in particular, Miranda saw their rigorousness of security awareness campaigns to make sure their employees are up-to-date with their knowledge on how to comply with information security rules and regulations of their organizations. 

However, in her investigation, Miranda also discovered that banks often did not foresee how employees can act as individuals for their personal benefits. For instance, if an employee experiences a turmoil in a project, with obvious sunk costs, and the way out is to commit a violation in regards to security rules and regulations, they will most likely perform that behavior. 

In this presentation, Miranda will highlight the importance of knowing the employees personally and their potential to engage in violation even if that is in a banking industry context. Miranda’s research concerns one of the most crucial resources of our human and social affairs: information. Her focus is on information systems security in organizations, with the objective to explore and understand employees’ compliance and noncompliance behaviour with information security policies.

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