Tuesday 26 Feb 17.30

Seven simple ways of optimising your C++ code

Malmö C++ User Group


LEVEL: Intermediate

C++ is often the language of choice when high performance is required but it must be noted that any computer language can be used to write a poorly performing application. Optimising your C++ code can thus be an important part of the development process. This talk is based on 7 performance bottlenecks found in production code. These problems ranges from simple mistakes to non-obvious design problems. Each of the examples will be followed by an explanation, an improvement and a performance comparison.

17.30 - 17.45 Meet & Greet

17.45 - 18.30 Presentation

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19.00 - Meet & Geek


Jonas Nilsson has a background in radiation protection but to his surprise found himself working as a software developer for the European Spallation Source where he writes software for use in physics experiments. His free time is spent on not finishing various software and hardware projects as well as flying through and falling from the sky.

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