Tuesday 12 Mar 17:30

Introvert on an Agile Team

Afterwork seminar


LEVEL: Beginner

Ever wondered why some people prefer to work alone? Or why some people cringe when pair programming is mentioned? 
It might be that that person, like me, is an introvert. But is is really that simple? 
Can we really put every person in a box labeled "introvert" or "extravert" or are we all just ambiverts?

During this session I will talk about introverts, extraverts and everything in between. 
Drawing from almost 15 years of personal experience being an introvert on agile teams I will talk about the differences of being an extravert or an introvert and how to foster an inclusive team environment.

Speaker Tobias Anderberg
Based in Kristianstad but working for the Stockholm-based company Agical, 
Tobias has been working as a developer, mentor and coach in Agile methods since 2004. 
He loves sharing his knowledge and has since 2015 co-hosted the bi-weekly podcast 'Väg 74', about software development and teams, together with friend and colleague Ola Ellnestam.


17.30 – Meet & Greet

17.45 – Presentation

18.30 – Meet & Eat

19.00 – Q&A

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