Wednesday 13 Feb 17:30

An introduction to binary exploitation



LEVEL: Beginner

As programmers we have been taught that writing outside a buffer or overflowing an integer can lead to security issues.

Why is this so? Exactly how does something, possibly as small as one byte, cause such big problems?

This session aims to give an introduction to binary exploitation, i.e. the science (and art) of utilising bugs in low-level systems to cause unintended behviour and possibly a full compromise of the system.

Starting with basic exploitation techniques from the nineties working our way all the way to modern exploitation techniques, the goal is to give the participants an understanding of some of these techniques and hopefully a little bit of inspiration to start trying them out yourself.


Carl is a security professional and hobbyist currently working as the head of security at the Stockholm-based healthcare startup, KRY/LIVI. He is a frequent CTF player for the Swedish top team HackingForSoju and an active member of the Swedish and international security community with a great fondness for a broad range of topics, reverse engineering being one of his favourites.


17.30 – Meet & Greet

17.45 – Presentation

18.30 – Meet & Eat

19.00 – Q&A

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