Monday 22 Oct 17.30

VR for a purpose

New Reality


LEVEL: Intermediate

VR has finally left the trough of disillusionment! For some years now, people have believed VR to be a gimmick or an outright flop. If you look at it from the consumer side one can easily argue that we are still left in the trough.

However, from an enterprise perspective there are numerous invaluable applications of purposeful VR implementations. Some examples of these, along with an outline of a possible future that includes VR and AR will be given during this talk.


Jaana Nykänen is the CEO of Divine Robot, who develops strategically purposeful VR and AR simulations to strengthen the business cases of their clients. With the help of gamification, the experiences become intuitive and immersive tools for training, marketing, design, innovation, and digitalization. Jaana has a background in software engineering, and is a gamer at heart.


17.30 – Meet & Greet

17.45 – Presentation

18.30 – Meet & Eat

19.00 – Q&A

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