Saturday 15 Dec 10:00

Global AI Bootcamp

Skåne Azure User Group


LEVEL: Intermediate

Welcome to the Global AI Bootcamp 2018, with Ashok Samal, Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft, and other great speakers.

Be prepared for exciting presentations and demos about hot new technologies, including:

* The Microsoft way of doing AI

* Popular AI toolsets, compute engines and methodologies

* Machine Learning

* Microsoft Bot Framework

* Natural Language Understanding

* Hololens

Speakers include:

* Ashok Samal is currently working as a Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft in the WE OCP team with a focus on helping Microsoft Partners growing in the AI-space.

* Mattias Jönsson has a long background in analytics and machine learning, and has worked for companies like IBM, TIBCO and Microsoft. At MS, he was a Global Black Belt for AI in Western Europe, focusing specifically on Azure services.

* Stefan Post Meldgaard, Frontend Developer, Analyst level at Avanade.

* Jóhann í Dali, Senior Consultant at Avanade.


* Ashok Samal: Microsoft AI - Empowering Transformation

There are many ways to succeed with AI and transform your business. In Microsoft we have a unique portfolio to power these transformation journey smoother and quicker. Microsoft AI is backed by some popular toolsets, opensource toolkits, compute engines and methodologies that we ll discuss in this session.

* Stefan Post Meldgaard: Conversational AI

Overall concept of interacting with an AI service like a chatbot. What to do and be aware of when developing AI that can interact with people. The use of a Language interpreter (LUIS) and the use of the Microsoft Bot Framework.

* Lunch break

* Ashok Samal: Infuse AI everywhere

There is no doubt that AI can bring a lot of values to your business. While the space of AI is still unfolding, we would love to share our experience at Microsoft on how you can infuse AI to anything and anywhere. In this session we ll share Microsoft way of doing AI, some of our successful implementation, Some of our current exploration and how you can start infusing AI into your applications within no time.

* Mattias Jönsson: Machine Learning in the real world

The interest in machine learning and artificial intelligence has exploded over the last couple of years, and the availability of tools, techniques and research are at an unprecedented high. Plenty of tutorials on how to use all kinds of techniques are easily accessible through a simple web search, and in-depth online learning is available free of charge.

Azure of course has a huge, and ever-increasing, selection of services to support AI & ML workloads, but it can be a daunting task to understand where to start. With examples from AI/ML cases in the real world, the talk will try to highlight some of the most challenging areas, including business and data understanding, data preparation and evaluation and their implications on the machine learning activities. The talk will give a good understanding on how to get started with your own AI/ML initiatives in Azure.

* Jóhann í Dali: Hololens in the real world

A short overview of the device and it's inner workings. A look at what it takes to make an application for the HoloLens and then a look at how and where the HoloLens has been implemented in real life over the last 2 years. We'll also have a look at what is currently know about the next version, currently scheduled for release in 2019. Among the interesting things is an onboard DNN chip. There will be time during the breaks to try out the HoloLens in person.


The event is free, but registration is required. Make sure to register as soon as possible - the number of seats are limited.

A big welcome!

Skåne Azure User Group

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