Wednesday 10 Oct 17:30

The Art of Finding your Thing

After Work Seminar


Why do we always tend to see our weaknesses and put our focus on how to improve them? Regardless the effort we spend on our weaknesses it would still not take us to the top of our personal potential. However, putting our energy on the strengths and talents would.

Already as children we get fostered into the same framework of capabilities to master, and it gets reinforced by everyone being measured towards the same scale. At a very young age we already know what our talents are. And yet most people focus on improving their weaknesses.

In this talk I would like to share some ideas that has helped me finding my own way to develop both me and the team.

I believe that if putting more focus on our strengths, enhancing them, and experimenting with them it would not only help our careers, but it would also make our life easier and much more fun.


Pernilla has a Master of Science and Engineering in Computer Science and is a software test manager at Verisure Innovation. She has held different management positions over the last 10 years. With her great passion for leadership, she strongly believes that a great team is the best competitive advantage for any company. By putting much effort into building the team and trust - a great deal of the challenge is already done.


17.30-17.45 Meet & Great

17.45-18.30 Presentation

18.30-19.00 Pizza break

19.00-20.00 Q&A

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