Tuesday 05 Jun 17:30

Event Sourcing in Ruby using Sandthorn



Talk: Event Sourcing in Ruby using Sandthorn, with Morgan Hallgren

Social: You and your hopes for the summer

Any projects you plan to work on?

Anything you hope someone else will be working on?

New things you want to test and learn?

What interesting thing would you like to see in Malmö.rb community after summer?

What has been the best parts of Malmö.rb so far?

What should we do more of?

What have you been missing?

What should we stop doing?


17.30-17.45 - Meet & Greet.
17.45-18.30 - Event Sourcing in Ruby using Sandthorn, with Morgan Hallgren
18.30-19.00 - Pizza break.
19.00-20.00 - You and your hopes for the summer

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