Wednesday 05 Dec 17.30

Building Bisq: a DAO for peer-to-peer trading



LEVEL: Intermediate

Bisq is a p2p trading platform for trading bitcoin which recently has grown substantially. Bisq is open source, holds no funds, requires no KYC, is censorship resistant and has few central points of failure/control.

Bisq will soon become a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) in order to make it even more censorship resistant and to take away the remaining central points of failure/control.

In this presentation I will describe the basic features of Bisq as well as the basic features of the Bisq DAO, including stability against possible attacks. The Bisq DAO will be a model system for incentivised open source projects.

The DAO-model can be applied to many different businesses and it can be argued that they will replace many conventional companies due to their efficiency.


17.30  - Meet & Greet

17.45 - Presentation + Q&A

18.30 - Break with pizza

19.00 - Discussion

19:30 - End

Mats-Erik Pistol is a physicist who is interested in finance as well as in censorship resistant systems. He thus uses part of his spare time to support the development of censorship resistant systems.

He is also passionate about deep learning and microbiology.

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