Tuesday 12 Jun 17:45

Human amortality. Science fiction or soon reality?

Critical Tech Meetup


As opposed to immortality, meaning unable to die, amortality is used to refer to being age resistant. Some predict that as technology advances, especially biotechnology, we will reach a time when breakthroughs will give us more than a year of healthy lifespan with every year that passes. Sounds out there, but is it really? We’ll take a look at current research, and developments, prediction, and consider the implications.

This talk will be held by Balázs Suhajda, a lifelong learning healthspan maximizer.


17:45 to 18:00 - Meet & Greet
18:00 to 18:45 - Balázs' talk on amortality & longevity
18:45 to 19:10 - Pizza & drinks
19:10 to 19:45 - discussion

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