Monday 04 Jun 17:30

Closing the Gaps with DevOps

DevOps Malmö


When we strive to move an organization, team or any group of people towards a DevOps culture, one big focus area is reducing feedback loops. It is both technical loops, like how we test changes to features, but also reducing paths for communication and unwanted noise.

For this meetup we will take a look at an a-typical problematic scenario and try to make it better by improving its feedback loops.

You can either come and join in on the discussion, bring you brilliant ideas or you could simply listen and get inspired.


17.30-17.45 - Meet & Greet.
17.45-18.30 - Define the problem scenario and explore alternative solutions to close the gaps.
18.30-19.00 - Pizza break.
19.00-20.00 - Continue with discussions and summarize the outcome, as well as highlights.

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